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Friday, October 24, 2008

Cabinet Install - Day 2

Well, it's been another productive day in the kitchen business! I'm so happy with the great work our contractor and his team are doing. ZERO complaints. We're actually about to enter a week or week-and-a-half of waiting. Tomorrow the granite "master" will come and prepare a template for the countertops and backsplashes.  It will take him several days to cut and polish the stone. At some point the tile guy will be coming to lay the flooring.  I have to paint the crown molding for the light box. So, by election day or a little after, the job should be complete. 
A full view of the "sink end" of the kitchen.
The sink will wind up in the area by 
the window.  On left, oven in the hole, 
cooktop over the oven. The dishwasher
will go in the hole on the right side.

These two pictures show my pride and joy:
the light box.  (That's what really got the
whole project started--wanting to get away
from the low flourescent grid.  The microwave
will go in the "hole" to the right (above).
I will be painting the crown molding on Monday
(unless I decide to do it Sunday).  The bright
semi-gloss white (Swiss Coffee) will make the 
whole light box look so great.

A look at the pantry.  It will be neat
having the pull-outs AND shelves.
Should give us a LOT more room.

Our dining room is now the staging area
for the new appliances.  And no, the fridge
is NOT blue!

The next job--other than my painting--is the
flooring.  It should really make everything "pop!"


Kristi said...

it looks AWESOME! What is the flooring?

Don said...

The flooring will be 18"x18" tile--called Capri Ivory. Mainly off-white with swirls of brown/caramel. Should be very classy looking.

Stacey said...

Zero complaints with a remodel/contractor...unbelievable. That must be a record or something!

Lyn said...

Stacey, he is GREAT!!! He did Tim & Cheryl's kitchen a few years ago. He told us he has done over 1100 kitchens. He definitely knows his stuff.