This is what we do for the joy of the King,
For His peaceable Kingdom,
For a world in despair.
And this is why we bring any hope we can give,
Any bread from the table,
Any touch of His hand.
This is what we do.
This is where we go.
This is why we sing.
This is how we live.
This is who we are.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Busy, Fun Weekend with "The Girls"

This was a fun weekend...kinda exhausting, but fun.  We picked up Haley and Lexi from Grandma Connie Saturday morning.  From there we went to Michaels Crafts and the girls were able to exercise their artistic gifts in pumpkin decorating--no pumpkins were harmed in the making of these crafts! (Nor were any children!)
Haley was very "into" the project.  She did most
 of the cutting and gluing of the foam onto her
 pumpkin.  I helped her with the hat, but 
she did the rest of the work on her own.

Lexi needed to take some time out from her labors
 to play with the pumpkin eyes.

Lexi's finished project.  (I think he kinda looks like me!)

Haley kept adding things to her pumpkin.  I
think the green fuzzy things are ears.

We went to Disneyland and met Brian, Jennifer
and Emily at California Adventure.  That Emily is
the consummate Disney fan already.

Today after church we all had lunch at Boston Market
 and then went to the Johnson Brothers Pumpkin Patch.
  All the girls rode the ponies.  We were worried about Emily,
 but we shouldn't have.  She LOVED it. Only cried
 when it was time to get OFF the pony!  (I didn't get
 any stills of her for some reason, but she's
 in the video below, pigtails flying!)

Lexi had a good time, too!
Note Brian and Jennifer in the background
getting Emily settled on her pony ("Rainbow")

Let's hurry up and RIDE!!!  Emily's hands
are SOOO busy and so expressive.  They're 
always moving and are so fun to watch!

Sisters 4-ever!

Haley's smile always gets me!

The video below starts with our visit yesterday to Prehistoric Pet Store.  The girls love looking at snakes, iguanas, and other reptiles. They really enjoy feeding time...feeding live worms to turtles and fish. It's a bit "yucky" so if you like you can fast-forward to the bumper cars at Disneyland!  The pony ride at the Pumpkin Patch is at the end of the video.


The Craftypigs said...

Looks like a fun time had by all!

johnsonandjohnson said...

I love that picture of me and Emily----can you send it to me? You guys knew how to plan a fun-filled weekend for the girls!

Kristi said...

WOW! What a weekend. I started crying at the video of the bumper cars. It was so sweet to see Brian with Haley and Dad with Lexi. I just feel so happy and content knowing my family gets to spend time with my girls. That is so special.

Secondly, Jen and Emily are BABES! That is a gorgeous picture! :o)

And I love the video of Ems on the pony. She looks so tiny and sweet.

What a fun weekend! I love you guys so much. Thank you for watching them!!!!

Missarrie said...

I love the pictures; it looks like you all had an outstanding time. I have always thought that Emily looks like Brian until I saw the pictures of Jennifer in your "From the Photo Album--More Pictures Through the Years" I see now Emily looks a lot like Jennifer too. I will have to get some baby pictures of Brian out and compare again. Thank you for sharing your "Busy, Fun Weekend with "The Girls"" with us.

discomommy said...

Who is more tired? You? Them? It's a draw. Nice job Grandpa...they had a great time!

Diane Davis said...

wow... what a weekend! i agree with KT, the picture of Jen and Emily is beautiful... i also like the one with the three of you. i can't believe how much Lexi and Haley look like Kristi and Jen when they were young. You and Lyn are good memory makers!