This is what we do for the joy of the King,
For His peaceable Kingdom,
For a world in despair.
And this is why we bring any hope we can give,
Any bread from the table,
Any touch of His hand.
This is what we do.
This is where we go.
This is why we sing.
This is how we live.
This is who we are.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

In the Beginning Were Some Words

What the HECK am I doing blogging?

I mean, I read all these amazing blogs from my kids, my colleagues, and complete strangers. Classy blogs. Funny blogs. Clever blogs. Feisty blogs.

Only thing is, you just don't see that many post-50 bloggers out there. The whole concept is a bit intimidating to me. What can I possibly say that will be worth the eye investment of any blog reader?

But then I ask myself, "Why should it be intimidating?" I mean people--young and old--have been journaling for centuries now. And that's all a blog is, right? Your basic electronic journal. Get an idea, write it down. Make an life-observation, write it down. I may have several decades under my belt, but I have been stringing words together for most of those decades. Thus, I will attempt to string some together in this digital diary.

And words are what it's all about anyway, right? Within seconds of our births, somebody (usually a doctor, nurse, midwife, or taxi driver) is throwing words our way. "Hi, little guy. Welcome to the world!" or "Hello, Princess. You are a beauty!" Since we're destined to be immersed in words throughout our lives, we might as well find ways to put them to work for us. Slap some on a cyber page and see what happens.

So here I am, close to midnight, February 1, 2008--standing on the end of some virtual diving board. Chose a title. Chose a template. Haven't hit the "post" button, so my feet aren't wet yet. But I'm really thinking about jumping in. Gosh, it's high up here. Okay, here, two, three.......four, five.......DON'T PUSH MEEEEeeeeeeee!