This is what we do for the joy of the King,
For His peaceable Kingdom,
For a world in despair.
And this is why we bring any hope we can give,
Any bread from the table,
Any touch of His hand.
This is what we do.
This is where we go.
This is why we sing.
This is how we live.
This is who we are.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Another new adventure . . .

First it was blogging.  Been doing that since February.  Then last week, Lyn joined the FaceBook community.  When I saw all these emails from her FB friends coming in, I thought I'd give it a shot.  I'd always thought it was just for 20- and 30-somethings. 

Since nearly every one of you who read this are already veteran FB users, I don't need to say any more.  It's just very cool. I've been able to reconnect with former students and colleagues, and to do so on a daily basis.  It's way cheaper than a school reunion and lots more fun!  


Brazenlilly said...

Woohoo! Welcome to FB Don! What I like is that you can use it as much or as little as you desire, but either way, you can connect with LOTS of people--if only to say hello and find out how they are doing. Way to be a technically savvy grandpa!

Don said...

Thanks, Jen...not sure about the technically savvy part, but I'm definitely a grandpa!! Your daughter is really beautiful! I looked at the album on FB. Love the one pic with her hand outstretched.