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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Call me crazy, but . . .

If I, on a very, very, very, very small scale, did to my business what the CEO's of those crazy mortgage companies and banks that went belly-up last week have done, I would be slapped in jail so fast I wouldn't have time to change underwear!  So how is it that these guys walk away with millions, and we taxpayers are going to have to fix the mess they caused?  If the government is going to put the $700 billion bailout on our tab, couldn't they at least hold the true perpetrators accountable?  Why are honest, hard-working people--people who never borrowed a dime in a sub-prime loan--being required to shoulder the bulk of this stupid debt, while smooth-talking, too-good-to-be-true deal-brokering foxes slip through the economic loopholes that the Feds are lining with gold?  It's crazy.  But I really don't think I am!


Carrie said...

Well-said, Don! I couldn't agree more! We are recently debt-free and don't have our name on any loan, but we're responsible for this one. And a hefty one at that!
Carrie (Brock) Lassiter

Kristi said...

I am SO with you!!!!

Whoopie Goldberg has a good point, and though it would mess up everything to a whole other degree...She thinks if the government just gave them all the money to get out of debt, then they should cancel our loans as well. I like that idea.

Don Crane said...

You are not CRAZY...well maybe a little...but I would love $700,000,000,000 to play around with. I think canceling the loans would be a totally fantastic idea for the little guy! This would at least make us a little giddy...great thoughts.

Don Crane said...

As I look at my comment...the zeros alone make me a little crazy!

Don said...

I think Whoopie has a great idea. Maybe not a total cancellation of our loan debt, but a huge discount. I don't expect someone to give me a house.

Another thing I've never heard anyone suggest. . . Why don't they allow borrowers to go back to their original interest rates (the ones they COULD afford) and make the payments that they used to make. It might not make the banks as rich as they would have been, but it would eliminate a heck of a lot of foreclosures.