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Monday, June 2, 2008

New Phone Possibility

I'm shopping around for a new phone.  We're stuck with Sprint for a couple more years, so the options are limited.  (I say "stuck," because I know many folks hate Sprint almost as much as other folks hate George Dubya.)  Actually, we've never had any real problems with Sprint--even with customer service, which seems to be their nemesis.

Well, the phone I'm really looking at is the Samsung INSTINCT which doesn't release at Sprint until the middle of June.  It's supposed to be a decent "rival" to the iPhone.  The specs on it look pretty good to my non-techie analysis.  You can read about it on the link above.

One of the things I really need is the good old QWERTY keyboard.  I'd be a lot more open to texting if I didn't have to do the whole alpha-numerical conversion mumbo-jumbo. Of course, "QWERTY" is an American term, based on our traditional typewriter keyboard arrangement.  Lyn and I learned the hard way that keyboards around the world are all different.  (When we were in France the first time, our e-mailing on French keyboards was unbelievably frustrating and very entertaining.)  So, I thought I'd show you some of the keyboards you'll find if you travel abroad without your laptop!

BTW, if you've heard any good or bad stuff on the Instinct, I'd love to hear.  


The French Keyboard
(there are different layouts for almost
every country in continental Europe)

The Arabic 

The Mandarin Chinese
(which corresponds to ours!!)


John B said...

When I had Sprint service - which I had for five years - I loved it!! The only reason that I switched was because they didn't at the time offer a phone which would do email the way I wanted to and reports said that they weren't going to be upgrading their data network 'til 2009 (they finished upgrading in early '07). When I first started with them their Customer Service Reps were called Customer Care Advocates and were great! I still think that they and Verizon have the best networks, so don't feel bad about being "stuck."

Don said...

Very good to hear! Thanks, John!

Diane Davis said...



Don said...

Diane, is that a cell phone I haven't heard of yet? Maybe a ringtone? !

discomommy said...

In light of your little comment on my Blog, I feel compelled to suggest you get a phone that has really big numbers. And you are too old to be texting. We're even

Don said...

You got me good, Gina!